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Women's Health Program: How to Apply

Women's Health Program

The Texas Women's Health Program provides low-income women ages 18-44 with family exams, related health screening and birth control. [How to apply]

Ready or Not?

When disaster hits, Texans need to be ready. Use our online resources to build your plan - including family strategies, handy checklists, and special needs considerations for people with disabilities, the elderly and pets. [Ready or Not]

2014-2015 Budget Requests

Texas health and human services agencies have submitted their Legislative Appropriations Requests (LARs) for the 2012-2013 biennium:

Health and Human Services Commission LAR
Department of Aging and Disability Services LAR
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services LAR
Department of Family and Protective Services
Department of State Health Services

Strategic Plan for 2013-2017

The Texas Health and Human Services Strategic Plan for 2013-2017 is now available. The plan assesses demographic, economic and policy trends, and it outlines how each of the state’s five health and human services agencies will operate during the plan period.  [Strategic Plan 2013-2017